We are ecstatic to share our sixth annual benefit compilation, Spirit Link, to support Hartford Communities That Care. This two-disc record spans 36 songs from all over the map, including exclusive material by Babehoven, Hana Stretton, Blue Ranger, Nina Ryser, Zanders, Nehway, Kelly Quigley, Mark Little, Stadia and many more. Plus, debuts by Darling and favorites by Figurine, Mother Juniper, Low Ceilings. Order the record here, and come celebrate its release with us at The CAF on December 1st.


Come on out November 17th! We’re hosting an acoustic night in New Britain’s historic Anvil Place, with live projections by Derick Noetzel. Music by Mother Juniper, James Bird and Stadia. It will be a very verdant lineup to swirl in the massive natural reverb of Anvil Place’s cathedral-style ceilings. See you there.

In collaboration with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.


Thanks to everyone who came out to our installation at the COA Music Conference yesterday! The hope was for anyone to tap into the free flowing energy of a bedroom studio, and that’s exactly what happened. Such a beautiful thing to see strangers creating music together in a matter of seconds ~ 100% improvisation thru intuition & listening. Thanks for having us, NXTHVN, Connecticut Office of the Arts, and Kolton Harris!


Hosting a mondo show at Knowhere this Saturday with Nina Ryser, Nino Soberon, Annie Blech, and Ángel Loor (who are celebrating their album release show). There will be accordion, cello, and a dozen cassettes of the set being recorded in real time (thank you, Nino). Members of Palberta, @, and Blood all in the same room together?? Pinch me.


Hosting a secret show tonight. Nehway, Human Yo-Yo, Stadia, Brett Maddux. Music and poetry in a secret cabin known at The Lodge. Très chic, how Twin Peaks. Gotta reach out for the address, as it’s very limited capacity. See you there.


Ym has shared her second Neon Amor single, titled “Radio Silence”. Pulsing synths oscillate through Ym’s hums and harmonies. She reflects on the silence within giving space, and whether it helps or harms. We’re crying in the club to this one. “Radio Silence” is out everywhere now.


“I Can’t Wait” is the new song from Neon Amor (also known as Ym). Her newly adopted moniker marks a dynamic change into club music. There is a palpable sense of urgency in this driving drum and bass song that makes you want to run to see your person. To be enraptured with love…  “the vibe, the taste, the feel, the colour, the texture,” comments Ym.


Seka’s Dream by Mobéy Lola Irizarry is out everywhere. It’s not an album or an EP, but rather a dream.

Over three years in the making, Seka’s Dream is a boundless fusion of Salsa, Reggaeton, Rock, Experimental music, and Caribbean singer-songwriter music. Grounded in trans and decolonial perspectives, these seven pieces offer insightful perspectives on our relationships with each other, with land and water, with spirit, and with song.


Introducing… a night of Big Thief & Adrianne Lenker Covers, a collab show between SoundSoup & Funnybone. A free show in Hartford on May 7th where we’ll be celebrating our favorite band by covering their songs for the night, open-mic style. If you’d like to sign up to perform, message us with the song name you’d like to cover. Limited spots will fill up soon!


On Earth 2023 was a success! Thanks to everyone who performed, volunteered and attended this beautiful community festival. It was a privilege to host Lau Noah, Ángel Loor, Mark Little and djqt. You can check out some pictures of the event here, taken by Peter Neagle (of Carey). You can also read an interview between Cafeteria Media and Funnybone founder Dylan Healy about On Earth and Dylan’s process of booking the lineup.


Kelly Quigley has returned with their new EP, titled a side for you, marking their first collection of music since 2018’s stunning label-debut Have You Read My Poems. This three-track trance feels like swimming in a dream, where the physics of motion feel otherworldly. Swirling chambers of reverb resonate Kelly’s distinctive croon, finger-picked guitar and programmed percussion. The EP is available everywhere digitally. Artwork by Cathleen Clarke.


We’re ecstatic to carry a batch of Brett Maddux’s brand new book of poetry maple while Brett embarks on a six-month book tour around the country. maple is a collection of poetry by Brett written in pen on maple avenue in Hartford, Connecticut from March 2021 to August 2022. It was written during a four year period of complete personal solitude, in the absence of material possessions or the internet. You can pick up a copy from our limited batch on our Bandcamp. More info on Brett’s publishing site.


We teamed up with The Caf for a product shoot of our latest releases. Our friends Josh and Siara styled a stellar shoot at their flagship location in downtown Hartford, featuring brands like Felt, Xarea and AIAIAI Studio. Check out Josh Jenkin’s photos of Siara listening to Ayla Loon, Niamh, takeout, Max & Haley on our childhood tape machines. Be sure to stop by The Caf to pick up our merch and so many other quality brands.


Join us for an ephemeral performance at Story & Soil Coffee on February 10th, as brett a. maddux reads poems from his upcoming book, maple. Nehway, Stadia & Figurine will be performing intimate, unplugged sets. Brett’s profound poetry is a true treat to the ears and soul. It’s rare to hear him perform his work– come witness the beauty.


There’s a crisp new single by The Tines out today to mark the winter solstice. May it ease you into the colder months with frosty feelings. “The Solstice” was recorded over the course of a few sessions in October of 2022 at Sans Serif in New Haven, CT. Artwork by Adam Paprota. You can also spend time with the self-titled full length LP the New Haven quartet released with us last summer. 


We are beyond thrilled to share that No Fire by Niamh is out everywhere now. Among Jack Riley’s canon of music, No Fire is a beacon of technicolor production with profound and poignant lyrics. These songs are an outcome to Riley’s process of reassessing boundaries and limitations of love. What sort of presence does love have? Can love cast its tender glow on all aspects of life, or can it thrive in the relief of shade? You can hear No Fire anywhere you stream music. Recorded with Blind Moose Studios, mastered by Nancy Conforti.


Arms wide, we offer a surprise to the wind and river, to the collective unconscious, and the bountiful basket of music this year has offered. Crosscurrent by Ayla Loon is out everywhere now.

A follow-up to Cobbler released earlier this year, Crosscurrent continues a phantom thread of silk-laced cloaks of synth and vocal layering. Skittering like waterbugs, percussion drips and ripples cerebrally. You can grip a transparent jungle-green cassette with artwork designed by Taylor Pelella.


Today, we’re celebrating five years of Funnybone Records. What a trip… It’s become tradition to release annual benefit projects on our label’s birthday, so lo & behold: Psychic Tempo benefit compilation & Import Sky community journal. Five months of work & 75 collaborators later, we truly couldn’t be prouder of the album & book in our hands. May it connect us all through sound, text & art while raising funds for The REACH Fund.


So pleased to announce a new album by Niamh. No Fire is out on November 2, 2022. May it grip your spirit and send you soaring. You can hear the titular lead single right now on your platform of choice. The seven-track LP also features spring single “Jade” and our favorites songs by Niamh to date.


To celebrate five years of Funnybone Records, we’re releasing our biggest benefit project yet. 

Psychic Tempo is a 30-track benefit compilation featuring artists on our roster and beyond, all contributing exclusive songs to help us raise proceeds for The REACH Fund. It features Alita Moses, Ando San, Niamh, Them Airs, good luck mini and so many more. Today we are thrilled to share two singles by Lau Noah & Zanders, both of whom you can see perform TONIGHT at New Park Brewing to help us launch this momentous occasion.

Import Sky: Synchronicity is our second community journal– a stunning constellation of multidisciplinary work by writers, artists, designers and more creatives in our community. Honored to feature written work by Nadia Niva, Eva Bruckner, Matthue Roth; photography by RJ LaRussa and Jasmine Jones; paintings by Brian Neagle, Gabriela Mims, and so many more. We’re throwing a big release party on September 16th at The CAF. Come hang.

Both releases are available now through our Bandcamp.


The Tines by The Tines is out now! Warm and dynamic, the debut full-length by the New Haven quartet casts a distinct glow within our catalog. S.G. Carlson & co. have captured the wondrous feeling evoked by twilight through a bedroom window. The record’s enveloping production and heady arrangements meld into a flow of – dare we say – bangers only. Catch their record release show at the State House next Friday!


It’s with great honor to announce Lau Noah will be closing out our summer series at New Park on Friday, September 2nd with Zanders! Lau has been stunning us (and the world) with her music for the past few years. A rare CT performance before she embarks on tour this fall with Chris Thile (Punch Brothers, Nickel Creek). Tickets available here.


“Moon Views” by The Tines is out today! This is the third single ahead of their self-titled debut LP, out August 26th.

A glowing, melodic through line extends itself from the track’s start to finish. As Sam Carlson’s vocals join in on the recursion, the song blooms and nearly creates an illusion of infinity. After all, “Time is fake,” Carlson declares midway through the song.


Funnybone FM’s been blessed with an August mix by our dear friend m. at The Lemon Car Lot. Their mix is a dive into Italo-Disco, funk, house, and joy ~ listen to it on Spotify here. The Lemon Car Lot is a space for artists, writers, musicians and failure. Visit their site for a growing collection of really inspiring work. Editor, m. iamartino (they/them) is an artist, writer, maker, and bartender.


The next show of our residency at New Park is a record release show for Stadia. On August 13th, Funnybone Records founder Dylan Healy will be performing his new record Moss Moment with The Family Band. Catch mini sets by Niamh, Figurine, Carey and Greetings… plus special guests. $5-10 entry | Doors 6:30pm | Show 7:00pm


“Jade” by Niamh is out everywhere now! We can’t get enough of this song. To Niamh, “Jade” explores the sweet spot of intimacy where you know someone well enough to get excited by them, but they remain mysterious to you. “Jade” was recorded and mixed with Blind Moose Studios, and mastered by Nancy Conforti. It features Dylan Healy and Daniel Carr on guitar.


Super thrilled to welcome The Tines to our roster. We’ve teamed up to release their debut, self-titled full length on August 26th. Lead single “Collarbone” is out now, alongside a wild music video by Kicker Pictures. You can pre-order the full album here.

The New Haven based four-piece, helmed by S.G. Carlson, has a true knack for crafting clever songs that seamlessly strike the balance of tension and beauty. 


We are extending our submission deadline to July 30th! Still plenty of time to submit work to Journal 02 of Import Sky, which has the guiding theme of Synchronicity. Full guidelines are posted on our brand new website. We encourage submitting work spanning your creative timeline; there isn’t pressure to create something brand new if that doesn’t feel natural. We simply seek to conjoin pieces of each other’s experiences and bridge the gaps between our physical, emotional, spiritual, creative and communal ravines. 


Pinching ourselves at this lineup reveal: Flung, Bebé Machete, blue toed & djqt on Friday, July 8th. For the second show of our Summer Series at New Park Brewing, we invite you to come dance, express, groove, glitch, kiss & bliss out under the stars. The stars have aligned to bring these acts together for a special night of performances.


Please help us welcome djqt to the Funnybone roster! djqt is the alter ego of Zoe Jensen, a producer and DJ, drummer and flutist, founder and co-editor of Connecticunt, triple Earth sign femme. djqt has been wowing us for months on the dancefloor with residency sets inspired by SOPHIE, London hip-hop, disco, fringe punk, Logic1000 and the PC Music Collective. Mark your calendars for July 8th… more on that soon 😉


Announcing Journal 02 of our community journal, Import Sky. Last year’s inaugural issue meditated on liminality; we received a stunning spread of poetry, prose, photography and more. We’re back and sending out a call for your work centered around synchronicity; the vague yet potent moment of instantaneous serendipity. Submissions are open until June 30th; you can view the guidelines on our shiny new website.


Time to reveal the first show of our 2022 concert series with New Park Brewing. We’re stoked to bring Chicago gems Floatie and Spirits Having Fun to West Hartford for their Connecticut debuts on June 23. Self-proclaimed “frog rock” band Floatie swirling around the angular pockets in which Spirits Having Fun grooves will make for a wildly invigorating show. Admission is $5 suggested donation | Doors 7:30pm | Show 8:00pm


We are thrilled to release our first studio record of 2022: North by takeout.

Recorded primarily in Portland, Maine, takeout creates ambient environments through patience and gentle constraint, weaving modular synthesizers with field recordings. The eight-piece record reflects on coexistence with the forest and ocean, at a time when their healing properties are most welcomed.

You can find North available everywhere now, with a limited run of tapes available for purchase on Bandcamp. Bliss out with the “Sun in December” music video, a calm collection of vintage footage of nature collaged from the public domain.


The past year, we’ve been inviting artists, creatives and businesses we adore to curate our rotating playlist, Funnybone FM. Spin an electrifying mix by Flung before it poofs into the ether. Recent curators include Connectic*nt Mag, Story and Soil, and good luck mini. Next up is SoundSoup! Interested in contributing a mix? Drop us a line.


This Earth Day, we’re partnering with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner to bring you On Earth. Catch performances by Doll Spirit Vessel, Kelly Quigley & AVATAREDEN (feat. Bebé Machete) at Keney Park Sustainability Project on April 23 in Hartford, CT

There will also be agricultural workshops, volunteer opportunities to help clean up the city, yum food trucks, local vendors and amazing community partners.


We are ecstatic to share the next installment to our Liminal Space series: Volume III. Small but mighty, this five-track EP flows potently– a confluence of fantasy folk, cosmic ambience and candid improvisation. Enjoy songs by Renée Reed, Bernice, Mal Devisa, Laura Wolf and Greetings, found exclusively on this EP in effort to raise funds for three nonprofits with unique focuses on community healing: End Hunger CT, House of GG, and The Brazilian Indigenous Peoples Assembly. 


Argentine synth-pop star Andrés Ruiz has a mystical EP out now, titled Pacto Secreto. Ruiz has put together a video stream of the three-track release, which follows his 2020 full-length La Luna Me Quema. “Aparacion” off Pacto Secreto was featured on our Liminal Space benefit compilation. This EP was mastered by our very own Noah Silvestry (Luke Ellingson) in New Haven, CT!


Max & Haley have shared visuals for their song “Comforter” off their EP we released earlier this year, Big Hug. May it wrap your eyes and ears warmly– an ambient cloak as the cold sets in. We still have a batch of their dancing-atoms cassette tapes available on their Bandcamp.


John Airfield has an incredible EP out today called TNT, which is the second installment of our collaborative benefit series to produce 7” vinyls. Last year’s 1999 EP supported The Morris Home, while this year’s TNT EP is donating all proceeds to the Black Trans Travel Fund. The title track appears on our Liminal Space compilation; we can’t help but reflect on how even one song can produce a ripple effect to support a total of four non-profits. Blast it. Blessed to have John Airfield in the Funnybone family.


“TNT” is John Airfield’s invigorating new single, out digitally today. Named after This N’ That, a formative and beloved queer bar in Brooklyn (which we heard closed exactly five years ago to the day), this single is a bittersweet homage to places and relationships that no longer exist. “TNT” celebrates how we remain permanently marked by what has left us and what we’ve left behind. Photograph by Chris Bernabeo. 


King Bongo is back with two spicy singles following last year’s massive World Power Love LP. “Sunburnt” and “Boys Gone Crazy” are out October 8th.

The double single release shows two sides of the same coin, flipping the Meriden trio between their present-day surf rock musings, and back in time to their early punk days. Both tracks were mastered by Daniel Carr at Blind Moose Studios. Album artwork by KB’s Henry Tobelman.


We are delighted to share this year’s benefit project, supporting our friends at End Hunger CT, House of GG, and The Brazilian Indigenous Peoples Assembly. 

Liminal Space is a benefit compilation featuring 28 musicians on and beyond our roster, whose music resonates deep in our core. The two-disc set features exclusive tracks by Kelly Quigley, Them Airs, Pink Navel, NOVA ONE, Griff, Queen Moo, Lumot, Mild Monk, @, Berta Bigtoe, Pearl Sugar, Greetings… and more. Artists have come to use our benefit series as a means of unearthing rarities, debuting new projects, collaborations and covers… all while raising funds for nonprofits doing vital work. A real win-win for all, hm?

Its sibling is Import Sky, an arts journal featuring 42 multidisciplinary artists — a communal constellation of our creativity as we traverse this bizarre, liminal state. We’re blessed to have received a collection of stunning work by Buck Meek, Jasmine Jones, Eric Aldieri, Haley Maiden, Katie Skau, Matthew Meigs, Meltycats, Gla4, Christie Clause, Kulimushi Barongozi, BRAINMIND and many more. 

Both projects are available now. There’s a limited batch of physical copies of Liminal Space and Import Sky to snag before they’re gone ~ shipping out October 1st. Artwork by Alex Falconer, James Fitzgerald and Molly Alexander. Created and curated by Dylan Healy. CT Verses did a track-by-track review, check it out!


“Behind Now” is the brand new single by Kelly Quigley, out everywhere now. Kelly’s stunningly intricate guitar-picking floats atop seismic swells by Evan Lawrence (Jelani Sei, 13th Law) on bass and Angel Lau on percussion. This song is the first taste of our upcoming benefit compilation, Liminal Space. Artwork by Elizabeth Kaiser.


Kicker Pictures came by Luke’s place and filmed him in his element recording an alternate take of Clementine gem “Unwind.” Bare witness to Luke’s crisply captured one-man-band process. Take a watch! The live session was shot and edited by Connor Rog and Matt Valade. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Noah Silvestry. 


Introducing Import Sky, a community arts journal to constellate creativity. For this first printed issue, our theme is Liminality. We’re seeking submissions of all types of work ~ you can find guidelines here. Submissions will close August 1st.

The intention of this journal is to collect pieces of each other as a means of engaging creatively and pooling empathy, while we all traverse liminality through these bizarre times ~ from the micro to macro; personally, communally, globally, cosmically. Reach out with any questions.


Thrilled to release Clementine by Luke Ellingson out into the world today. You can hear it anywhere in the digi-verse.

The anticipated follow up to last year’s debut finds Ellingson’s musical wanderlust adopting new forms from within the confines of his New Haven apartment; a more expansive internal universe is revealed. With a sprawling range of influences from every corner of the map, Ellingson knows exactly how to craft and speak his own language ~ as well as when to hold back, when to dig in, when to let go.


“Ancient” is the third and final single of Ellingson’s sophomore record, Clementine. Until the full length drops June 25th, you can pre-order the record on Bandcamp, proceeds from which will be donated to Youth of Sumud

Oscillating between a timeless, rollicking indie guitar strut, and turbulent shoegaze shredding, “Ancient” swirls around the pursuit of empathy while you’re on the verge of a panic attack.


Social Anxieties in the New World by Dreamvoid has been quietly unleashed by the collaborative alias of Chad Browne-Springer and Expired Mocha. After the duo’s rising anthem “$timmy” debuted, Dreamvoid has been catching the attention of the Economic Security Task Force, Michael D Tubbs, New Haven Arts Council and Tik-Tok artists.

How the record came to fruition through a commission by Yale University is an intriguing turn of events, which you can read more on courtesy of New Haven Arts. Social Anxieties for the New World by Dreamvoid is out everywhere now.


We are honored to announce that Funnybone is now distributing a stunning book of poetry by our friend Brett Maddux. You can order a copy from our shop.

Algorithm Hymns is a series of poems divided into three sections: travel hymns (February 2019 – March 2019); battle hymns (June 2019 – June 2020); and tumor hymns (July 2020 – November 2020). Brett’s work cradles finitude and eternity with sacredness, rocking between universal dualities. Our interpretations of Brett’s work approach transcendental and metaphysical considerations, salient meditations and mundanity’s adorations. 


Very excited to announce that Luke Ellingson’s new album Clementine is out with us on June 25th! You can hear his phenom new single “Keep a Light.”

Following up 2020’s debut Like Wires Humming, the latest from the Philly expat marks a change of scenery and new sense of self-understanding; moments observed quietly become tokens of comfort amidst the slow pursuit of wholeness.

Preorder proceeds will be donated to Youth of Sumud, a youth-led Palestinian organization working towards food and housing soversignity in the West Bank. Read more on WXPN’s The Key.


“$timmy” by Dreamvoid is out everywhere now. New Haven Independent has already called it “a candidate for the hottest single of the summer.” It came about from chad browne-springer’s latest endeavor: designing a songwriting class called “Sound Garden,” commissioned by Yale.

One student from the program, the young recording engineer Expired Mocha, produced “$timmy.” The single is a sign of the times, celebratory and anthemic as we inch towards exiting a global pandemic. 


Worthy by Figurine is out everywhere today. If 2017’s View from Inside was a snowed-in afternoon with a blanket fort to make out in, Worthy is springtime in a bottle; the cork has finally popped. 

Figurine’s songs pick up where they left off four years ago; pillow talk, unbridled vulnerability, and “pure, unapologetic, selfish bullshit.” Alongside friends Niamh, Stadia, Goldwoman, Molly Rabuffo and more, Worthy beckons electronic tastings, lush string arrangements, swirling harmonies and Ashly LaRosa’s delicately spilled guts. Worthy is out digitally now and physically in May.


The onset of spring reveals itself in layers. The first flowers peeking out, moods drastically improving, curbs piling with free shit, Figurine releasing her new single “Daughter Language,” crocs, etc.

You can pre-order Figurine’s new album Worthy and instantly receive downloads to “Dirty Water” and “Daughter Language.” Full album out April 16.


Over the moon to share that Niamh’s self-titled album is now available on vinyl! Every order will include a 22-page stitched lyric book and a sticker, both designed by Anna Neville.

You can order a copy of this first pressing over here on Bandcamp and stream/purchase Niamh everywhere now.


In 2017, we launched this lil label with Figurine’s View from Inside. Three years in the making, we are so proud to announce her new record Worthy, out everywhere April 16th.

Figurine has shared a single “Dirty Water” and has a new song out on March 24th, called “Daughter Language.”


Silky premiere of Max & Haley’s brand new music video for “Atoms” is up on Cell Vision! Brief interview with the kind folks at Cell Vision thru link, too! You can find our run of slippery-atoms tapes (which include a secret b-side mix) over on their Bandcamp.


Aislin Magazine is premiering John Airfield’s new music video for “Don’t Wanna Come Back” off his benefit EP 1999. Directed by Maria Rusche, the music video finds Airfield unpacking nostalgia from early queer experiences. 

You can also read Airfield’s interview with Sarah Katherine and Ayla Stabile over on Aislin Magazine’s site. 100% proceeds on the 1999 EP go to The Morris Home.


Happy to share that a live performance of “Flood” by Niamh is premiering on Aislin Magazine. Performed in the house they wrote the song in, Niamh plays this album-gem on a warbling, creaky organ, filling each crack with light and love. Watch the full video here.

Video by Jasmine Jones. Photo by Gabby Rodrigue. 


Thorns by Doll Klaw is out everywhere today. Recorded shortly before the global pandemic,Thorns captures the energy of what we might’ve felt going into 2020; nostalgia, optimism, a welcoming of the unknown. This EP feels like a time-capsule not only for its vintage synth-pop evocations, but for its ability to capture the vivacious pulse of energy typically only felt at live shows.

Tune in to Doll Klaw’s free release show tonight on Twitch at 8pm PT / 11pm ET. Filmed live from a Los Angeles rooftop, Doll Klaw will play through her new EP with a full band.


In the past year, the deprivation of physical connection has never been so real. Max & Haley have an offering for everyone: a big hug, electronically. Their five-track EP Big Hug is out everywhere today. We hope it can be a source of comfort, a tender sonic embrace. For those looking for that ~extra touch~ you can purchase the album on a festive atoms cassette tape


Niamh’s brilliant, self-titled record is out now! Nine tracks blur bliss and blue, myth and reality. Meditations on gender identity and love’s many faces tesselate to reveal catharsis in its purest form.

You can download the album and purchase some limited merch up on their Bandcamp.

Artwork by Anna Neville and Jack Riley. Mixed and mastered by Daniel Carr at Blind Moose Studios.

Pronunciation: “Neave” (they/them)


Pocket Comforts by Mild Monk is out everywhere now! Good tidings, indeed. Available digitally, physically, emotionally. Cassettes by the good people at Needle To The Groove ~ you can order one over on Bandcamp.

While packing for a visit on the East Coast, Henry decided to bring only his essentials– his pocket comforts, as he called them. What happened 35,000 feet up sparked a week of focused output. Grab a copy of Pocket Comforts; you’ll find your own focus and peace within.


Today’s a big day here at Funnybone. We’ve got a massive release/merch drop for the last Bandcamp Day of the year. 1999 EP by John Airfield pressed on 7” vinyls to benefit the Morris Home in Philly. FABLE by Joann Fabrix out on CD, with a music video for “Waterlogged” to accompany. Stickers and t-shirts by Niamh. Our final push to fundraise for the Room for You benefit compilation. Click around to learn more about each release. 


We’ve eagerly awaited the return of King Bongo since 2017’s breezy End of Daze. The Meriden trio is back with World Power Love, a record we believe casts an eternal flame. Anthemic, timeless rock songs darkslide elements of surf, punk and the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 soundtrack into a dense and visceral listen. 

Spend some time with this record to learn its many moving parts. World Power Love is available everywhere now, with CDs over on Bandcamp, featuring hand painted by Henry Tobelman.


After multiple yet necessary pushbacks on its release date, we are so pleased to share Like Wires Humming by Luke Ellingson. An excellent solo debut record from the New Haven rock project of Noah Silvestry, these nine songs showcase Silvestry as both a composer and producer, with the help of Max Kulicke on guitar, Max Mines on bass, and Ryan Schwabe’s mastering. 

This record is available everywhere digitally, as well as on vinyl (yay!!) through Bandcamp. Sales will be donated to the CT Bail Fund and the New Haven Mutual Aid Fund.


A recent string of electronic-based singles with UK producer Tom Smart saw Figurine in a welcomed headspace of magnetic percussion cushioned by lushly layered vocal arrangements. While Figurine’s Ashly LaRosa continues to explore that style through other forms of collaboration, her recent Figurine single “Dirty Water” beckons 2017’s View from Inside: hushed, illustrious and confidently lovelorn. It’s an enticing taste of what’s to come off her follow-up.


Our benefit compilation Room for You is out everywhere now! It contains unheard tracks by Lady Lamb, Pearl Sugar, Mal Devisa, Mild Monk, Jodi and Namesake. Gems by Zanders, Laura Wolf, Crag Mask, Figurine and Bebé Machete. The debut of new projects, collaborations, unearthed gems, current anthems… and then some.
Physical and digital options are available on our Bandcamp. A reminder that all proceeds from this release will be going to our hometown heroes at Kamora’s Cultural Corner and their effort to create brave spaces within Hartford’s marginalized communities, as well as to the Loveland’s Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls, the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network, and between the contributing artists. Every donation towards our $5,000 goal goes a long, long way. Sending love to wherever you are.


We are thrilled to release the new album La Luna Me Quema by Buenos Aires avant-pop artist Andrés Ruiz. This record marks Funnybone’s first international collaboration; we’ve had the pleasure of co-releasing with Zorro Camarón Discos (AR), Marly Records (US), Molécula Records (MX), Jit-Jot Records (AR) and Entes Anomicos (GR). 

With help from friends like CD Ghost and La Chica, Andrés stretches our spectrum of pop into the deep indigos of house music and the neon purples of techno. Until we can hit the dance clubs again, throw a solo rave in your bedroom 🙂 Pick up a copy here or stream anywhere you please.


We are so pleased to announce this year’s benefit compilation, out digitally on our anniversary, September 15th. Room for You is a 24-track outcome to Funnybone’s ongoing objective of creating spaces for artists to share their headroom in times of isolation and vulnerability, empowerment and pursuit of change. Space to confront and communicate difficult, honest feelings in hopes of better understanding ourselves and each other. Space for necessary escapism and unapologetic catharsis. Space to be together, even when we’re apart.

Our goal is to raise $5,000. Proceeds from this release will be going to our hometown heroes at Kamora’s Cultural Corner and their effort to create Brave Spaces within Hartford’s marginalized communities, as well as to the Loveland’s Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls, the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network, and between the contributing artists.

No one should be deprived of receiving help based on their socioeconomic status. No one should have to swallow their struggle out of fear of judgmental, biased reactions. We hope you can find your own peace and power through this collection of songs. You can support this project at our Bandcamp; pre-orders launch September 4th.


Blueprint” by Bebé Machete is out everywhere now!

We can’t get enough of this track, whose glitching pulse is a derealization of this surreal reality and the malicious forces that pollute its harmony. To get lost in dance… it’s more than necessary escapism; Bebé Machete posits it’s a blueprint of liberation.⁣⁣

You can stream it everywhere and purchase over on Bandcamp.


Today we share the latest from our collaboration between labels in Argentina, Mexico, Germany and the US! “Cuero Gris” (Grey Leather) is the latest single and music video by Buenos Aires avant-pop artist Andrés Ruiz, whose album La Luna Me Quema is out September 10th.⁣ ⁣

Been such a pleasure working with Zorro Camarón Discos, Marly Records, Molécula Records, Jit-Jot Records and Entes Anomicos.


Thank you to everyone who has supported our livestream benefit series, (Don’t) Get to the Gig! You have helped us raise over $300 for First Book, a nonprofit that distributes books and educational resources to children in need. 

We’re excited to announce we’re switching things up in order to benefit other incredibly needed orgs right now, and to make space for other folks starting up livestream series during the pandemic. 

Until this thing’s over, we’ll be hosting (Don’t) Get to the Gig the first Thursday of each month. Check our Instagram for lineup announcements and donation suggestions.


Bebé Machete is back with new single “Kimimaro” on June 1st. Radiant and multiplex, their latest feels like a shift in a wind towards brighter days.

“Kimimaro” is an eclectic exploration on queerness and decolonization, twisting and turning lyrically. Bebé Machete glows emphatic arrangements for a string quartet, a horn section, a driving drum machine, and a wide array of samples acquired on the street in Mexico City, and during decolonial Puerto Rican #RickyRenuncia protests in NYC and Hartford. 


Laura Wolf’s new song “Love in the Time of Quarantine” is out everywhere now! Following last year’s “Good Veins,” the latest from Laura is a multifarious anthem for the present times. It’s precise, yet its resonance is boundless.

Mastered by Blind Moose Studios & artwork by Katie Skau. Big thanks to the New Haven Independent for featuring Laura’s ongoing project “Quarantine Demos.”


King Bongo returns with their new full length, World Power Love, out July 10 with Funnybone!⁣ 

New single “Miss It” out everywhere now. Smash that link ⁣for your hot spot. Pre-orders on Bandcamp come with singles “Miss It” and “Revolution” instantly. Watch their prismatic music video for “Miss It” while you’re at it!.

So ecstatic for this release to come out, nearly three years in the making. Recorded and mastered by Blind Moose Studios. Music video by Ryan Blewett.


Earlier this month, we premiered Ephemerality, an experimental documentary directed by Matthew Meigs that follows Daniel Fondue and his band, Greetings. The short film follows the supergroup from recording at their Blind Moose studio base to performing at Hartford venue Wherehouse. You can watch it in full here and read more about the film at Aislin Magazine

In addition to sharing the soundtrack as a single stream, Daniel Fondue has now made the soundtrack available as an EP on streaming services! All new tunes featuring vocal contributions from Maebe, Chad Browne-Springer and James Bird.


So pleased to announce Like Wires Humming by Luke Ellingson today! The nine-track debut album releases June 26th digitally and on vinyl. That’s right, vinyl, baby! 

You can listen to his single “Hospital Bed” everywhere now and can pre-order the record over on Luke Ellingon’s Bandcamp.

Photograph by HoJun Yu.


Stay home and tune into our livestream series. This week, we’re excited to host Vern Matz, Luke Ellingson and Daniprobably. Every Thursday evening at 8pm (EST) we’re hosting three groups on Instagram Live to play 30 minute sets. 

Any proceeds donated to Funnybone Records will go directly to First Book, a nonprofit that sends books and learning materials to emergency feeding sites, homeless shelters, programs and schools serving children from low-income families.. If it’s in your means, please consider donating!


FABLE by Joann Fabrix is out everywhere now! We swear, this record is like your favorite childhood fairytale: colorful, entrancing, sentimental and brief. Through the bleary days of isolation that seem to meld into one long catatonia, let FABLE zip you into an impulsive muse — something to swiftly uplift and shuffle those feet. 

Following their singles “I Heard You Leaving” and “Swim,” the rest of the tracks play out with congruent incongruence. Tightly-crafted collages of found sounds and vocals, synths and percussion fold and fan into an origami diorama where Frog and Toad go dancing.


Hey, (don’t) get to the gig! Stay home and tune into our new livestream series. Every Thursday evening at 8pm (EST) we’ll be hosting three groups on Instagram Live to play 30 minute sets. Our goals with this are to keep the spirit of live performance active in the ways we’re equipped during quarantine, to benefit artists directly, and to raise funds for an organization we support called First Book

First Book sends books and learning materials to emergency feeding sites, homeless shelters, programs and schools serving children from low-income families, which is so crucial while schools are closed. We’re kicking off the series with Pearl Sugar, Bebe Machete and Joann Fabrix (on the eve of their album release). “See you” “there.”


Greetings has returned with a short film and accompanying soundtrack, both entitled Ephemerality. Following the Hartford supergroup from the studio to the stage, the documentary (directed by Matthew Meigs) showcases all sides of their prismatic sound. A collection of familiar live tunes and brand new studio tracks saturates the film’s warm grain to create a seriously sensory experience. 

Before you watch the film and download the soundtrack, you can read a bit about it over at Aislin Magazine. 


Swim” by Joann Fabrix is out everywhere now! We hope you’re dancing around your house to this one. Following their single and video for “I Heard You Leaving,” “Swim” is a prismatic dance number that splits into glitchy vignettes.

Both singles are off their full-length, FABLE, which drops on April 10th!


CT Verses with the quarantunes roundup! New tracks out by Laura Wolf, Bebé Machete, John Rule III, Mickey Blurr, Perennial, Steve Hartlett (Stove, Ovlov) and many more!

Many artists on the Funnybone roster are donating their Bandcamp proceeds this week to Charities of Hope, a CT non-profit. Donnie Alexzander, Glambat, Mild Monk and Greetings, to name a few


Leap day is honestly magical. While we’re not running away from Leap Day William, we’re spending today announcing the debut record by Philly-based duo Joann Fabrix. It’s called FABLE and it’s out with us on April 10th. 

Joann Fabrix is the two-person tinker of Helly Manson and Ona Lepeska-True, who take turns stitching found-sounds and small-scale samples into glitchy, slanted lullabies. Like a favorite fairytale, their music is colorful, entrancing, sentimental, and brief. It prances about. 

Jump into their new single, “I Heard You Leaving” anywhere you please, and check out this awesome album announcement video by Seattle-based artist Hayden Wright. The duo is making their Hartford debut on March 6th with Kelly Quigley and Pleasuremad.


Donnie Alexzander has a new single out called “Made Yourself Lonely.” It features Namesake‘s Peter Neagle on harmonies. The track is a warm, acoustic sprint with Donnie’s most lush vocal arrangements to date. Listening to this song feels like a cloudless day with an equally clear mind.


Introducing Funnybone FM! In attempt to keep the spirit of radio alive, we’re evolving our Sampler and Monthly Mixes into one reliable, regularly updated mix featuring guest curations, Funnybone selects, and music we love from around the world. Find it on Spotify.

If you own a storefront, restaurant, café, retail space, etc and are interested in trying out a new source of music for a shift in atmosphere, send us a message! Artwork by Taylor Pelella.


Concentration Sixty-Four by Zanders is out everywhere today! We are so thrilled to share this treasure with you.

Picking up where 2015’s Buried Men left off, C64 is a notable leap forward for the trio, expanding each member’s known fortes. Saraceno’s stunning lyrics hold personal yet universal themes, and are intricately stitched through the group’s recherché composition.

Emphatic motion spurs through its twelve pieces, harkening elements of musical theater, classical, 1940s jazz, rock and roll, and the incessantly developing genre that Zanders has crafted of their own. 

You can choose where and how you’d like to hear the album here.


CT Verses has announced their charity compilation to benefit The Bridge House, a Connecticut non-profit that specializes in helping adults living with persistent mental illness in employment, education and housing. Over 60 artists in the nutmeg state contributed unique 90’s covers, all of which releases January 22, 2020.

Namesake covers Pearl Jam, Donnie covers Nirvana, Glambat covers Donna Lewis. Find it all here. 100% of proceeds will be donated to The Bridge House.


We’re over the moon to present to you the brand new Zanders record, Concentration Sixty-Four. Alex Saraceno, Kevin O’Donnell and John Rule III return with their first album in four years, out everywhere January 24th.

The album picks up where Buried Men left off, but develops the trio’s sound further with strings, synthesizers, guitar, and vocal harmonies. O’Donnell and Rules’ voices are brought to the fore, with Saraceno’s maintaining her profound lyrical wit through moments of consonance and dissonance.

Along with the digital and physical album available for pre-order, Zanders also shares their new single “Traces” for your enjoyment. 


The lovable, diligent, whacky CT Verses has announced their top 50 songs of the year. We’re ecstatic and humbled for a number of Funnybone releases to have made the list: “Siccem” by Greetings, “Good Veins” by Laura Wolf, “The Stride” by Pleasuremad and “Sap” by Snowpiler. “Brasil” by Glambat and “Hazel” by waveform* even made the top three ♥‿♥

Also featured are Similar Kind, Queen Moo, Evelyn Gray, Sean Henry, Crag Mask, Standby and more. Check out the full list here.


Donnie Alexzander recently stopped by Axe Eater Studios to record a ripping live session of songs off Little Miss Drift Afloat and new material off their forthcoming record, Dark Days.

Watch the session here

These days, you can catch Donnie live with some exciting guests sharing the stage: AP Flynn on keys, TJ Croke on bass and Peter Neagle (of Namesake) on vocals.


Pleasuremad has two new songs coming out November 25th. The Stride / Grace is a spellbinding glimpse of Jack Riley’s current state of sound. From moments of audacious self-love, to quiet reflections on how the past shapes the present, Jack’s music continues to find magic in the mundane, taking the listener to a place where fantasy and reality meet. Both tracks are out everywhere November 25th. Cover art by Gabby Rodrigue.

CT concert blogger My Emu is Emo kindly captured live footage “The Stride,” debuted alongside new material at Evelyn Gray’s record release show this past summer.


Our friend Laura Wolf has released her stunning new single titled “Good Veins” to the world. Once called “beautifully immersive” and “distinctively enchanting” by GoldFlakePaint, Laura is a brilliant composer, producer and performer that we’re elated to collaborate with. CT Scramble notes, “Decorated with gorgeous sampled string arrangements, digital percussion, and heavily effected vocals, the song resonates both sonically and emotionally.” In collaboration with Funnybone Records. Artwork by the wondrous Katie Skau.


We are so proud to share the new music video for 🌞 (Sol) by Bebé Machete. Directed by Ed Soto, 🌞 is an homage to their hometown of Hartford, for better and worse. Sung in both Spanish and English, 🌞 shines an important dichotomy through its upbeat swing: Nostalgia for home is juxtaposed with critique on gentrification. 

Bebé Machete connects history of resistance with the contemporary anti-colonial Puerto Rican movement through symbolism and in lyrics and location choice. On 🌞, Bebé Machete continues to negotiate with “the struggle — and glory — of being a non-binary, queer, Puerto Rican person of color in America,” (Abeni Jones, Autostraddle).


Stream our October Mix on Spotify. Mixing the music of Brittany Howard, Kelly Quigley, KAZU, Mount Eerie, Moses Sumney, Figurine and plenty more, this playlist is an attempt towards permanence of the fleeting autumnal vista⁣⁣. Didn’t try to make it spooky; we don’t like how the whole month of October’s gotta be spooky. ⁣⁣Taylor Pelella nailed the fall colors tho.


We are over the moon to announce Namesake has released their first song in three years with Funnybone. Titled “Paraglider,” this luminous track carries a potent weight in its hull with lyrics like, “Irises stringing up the lanterns. Run in the river; the rhythm between the walls.”
We’re honored Namesake’s joining the family and has included “Paraglider” on our new compilation, House Sounds. “Paraglider” is available everywhere now.


To celebrate two years of running on September 15th, we’re releasing House Sounds, a compilation of gems by 20 artists we adore and are truly humbled to work with. Some of the tracks you know from albums, some are unreleased, some were made just for this thang.
We have a limited run of tapes and CDs up on our Bandcamp. Lots of love when into making them. They come in a variety of colors you can choose from and feature the wonderful artwork of Keri Halloran. Keri adapted pieces from her series “getting there” to help us crystalize our version. Hats off to her.
CT Verses did some digging and annotated the track list — check out what they found here.


WSAM Radio Presents: Live From the Lawn is September 7th and, my goodness, is it stacked. Check out the lineup and save the date. It’s all day and super free. Lomelda, Zanders, Glambat and waveform* on one bill? Fuck yeah.

We’ll be having another pop-up record shop there ☀️ Pick up House Sounds, There Is Not a Metaphor That Can Contain, I Feel God in this Chili’s Tonight, posters and stickers, and dig through our collection of new and used records!


This month, we released Running from the Dark on a run of neon orange tapes. It sold out in under 24 hours. So rad! Just like the digital release, all proceeds will be donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. NAMI is amazing; they are the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

We just put up a second pressing of translucent purple tapes, which are already flying. Order one/stream/support NAMI here:
Thanks to Stereogum for the writeup!


What does August sound like? When you’re out on the porch before the world wakes up, or biking rly fast towards the sunset, or lying on the roof of your car watching birds and bats as the sky turns the darkest blue before black… What would you listen to? 

After our own trial and error on all those things, we landed on this August mix. It features tracks by Grace Ives, Taylor McFerrin, Greetings, Blood Orange, ELOM, Peaer, Jay Som, Bebé Machete and more. Stream it here and check out Taylor Pelella’s rad album cover.


Situation was like a glow, colorful and rare / Took me by surprise, one look in your eyes. These are the opening lines to Greetings’ latest single, “Falling.” Of the four singles the band has released since April, this one breathes softer, reminiscing on those formative moments of falling for someone. Let it enter your daily to rotation.

CT Scramble went in-depth on this one: “Since the release of the Greetings EP, the band has dabbled in guitar-based psych rock, sample driven hip-hop, and noisy soundscapes. In contrast with Greetings’ last single ‘Siccem’, ‘Falling’ is reminiscent of exactly its title, but in slow motion, between hypnagogic states of awareness and dreams. 


Please help us welcome Eddie Jowels to the Funnybone family! We’re stoked to share their new video titled “Lemons.” It’s a kinda music video / kinda live session that features a massive, masked cast and production team invading Wherehouse

Eddie’s collage of aleatoric/found sounds and industrial/electronic elements make for a rly gripping listen, their first with us.  Watch it here and check out what CT Verses had to say about it. Photo by Alice Plati.


Donnie Alexzander & Snowpiler are playing a lil string of shows together next month! Check out the weekender’s dates/cities and catch a show in your area. 
August 9 in Bloomfield, CT | August 10 in Allston, MA | August 11 in Brooklyn, NY


Our July mix is up on Spotify! Features a heatwave of new Funnybone releases alongside favorites from Jai Paul, Crumb, Ava Luna, Jodi, Florist and more⁣. Taylor Pelella did a stellar job with the artwork for this one. Listen here!


We are really, really proud and honored to share Bebé Machete’s new album, There Is Not a Metaphor That Can Contain. We’ve got a run of 50 pink sonic tapes up on Bandcamp awaiting your nurture. The first release since 2017’s brilliant equis as Xango/suave, Metaphor glows a fresh aura of experimental pop while remaining instilled with their ancestral rhythms and modes of resistance. 
Bebé Machete is touring the Northeast this summer behind the record. Check out their itinerary here. If they’re coming within like a 100-mile radius of you, don’t sleep on it.


Siccem” by Greetings is a burst of dark matter from an iridescent pearl. The amorphous family band’s June single is reliably ethereal, but also has this bottomless depth to float around ‘til the next single drops our way.

Featuring ephemeral vocal trades by Maebe, Chad, Eugene and Dan, we’re left with a question plaguing us all, “What’s this world coming to?” This new Greetings tune is out everywhere now. You can listen here.


Our 2019 Summer Series is here! Join us at Wherehouse on June 30 to celebrate the release of Bebé Machete’s outstanding new record alongside Kelly Quigley and Samuel Sandoval. Chambermuzk will be bumping DJ sets throughout the night. Full details / RSVP here.

A percentage of proceeds will be donated to aid Sudanese families through our local Save the Children branch in Fairfield. Poster by Taylor Pelella.


The lovely Aislin Magazine recently featured a profile on Pleasuremad that we put together. In it, Pleasuremad’s Jack Riley and Funnybone’s Dylan Healy discuss Lady Bird, Big Thief, visibility, gender fluidity, their latest record and much more.

Read it here. Photographs by Ryan Kelso and Denis Semenyaka.


SLO Surf” is Mild Monk’s latest instrumental piece appropriately released on the summer solstice. Intended to be a multidimensional sketch from the perspective of a wave rider anticipating his next surf, each crest swells into the most satisfying, blissful release.

To accompany the track, Mild Monk released a guided meditation. “SLO Surf” marks another collab between artists Bruno Perosino and Austin MacDonald. Listen here!


Bebé Machete’s new record drops in two weeks! To tide ya over, today we proudly share “Craft / a Fracture” off it. Bebé melds big synths, trip-hop percussion and pitch-shifted guitar with gorgeously collaged vocals. ⁣Their lyrics explore what it means to build sustainable relationships and to navigate the different modes of care.⁣
⁣Full record There Is Not a Metaphor That Can Contain is out June 30


In quiet twilight, we released Donnie Alexzander‘s glossy take “Something In The Way” by Nirvana. Its their taste of first recorded music since last year’s debut Little Miss Drift Afloat. The meticulously illustrated cover was done by Anna Neville and edited by Clara Huebenthal. Listen to it here.


Announcing a summer solstice offering from Mild Monk: “SLO Surf (Instrumental)” out June 21!⁣ Inspired by the surf of San Luis Obispo, CA, this piece is meant to be a sort of sensory transportation to the beach. ⁣
Coming from a passion of skateboarding, Mild Monk would watch the surf and imagine what that payoff would feel like. “Sometimes hard work is as simple as patience…”⁣ The artwork features another amazing collab between Bruno Perosino and Austin Macdonald.


Announcing “Siccem” by Greetings, out June 26!⁣ Following “K.I.E.” and “Untitled One” this fully bloomed June tune features Eugene Junior, Maebe and Chad Browne-Springer. It’s a hard leap into a new slipstream, framed by Junior’s raw verses.


Today we share the brand new split by Glambat and Snowpiler, I Feel God In This Chili’s Tonight. Rejoice, Office fans. The seven-track jaunt melds Glambat’s gaze-pop with Snowpiler’s mellow math. Some tracks will feel familiar, as “Brasil,” “Andy,” and “Cole Gate” are all reworked and realized with a full band lineup.


Greetings have shared their swelling new single, “Untitled One,” to follow May’s hypnotic “K.I.E.” single and video. CT Verses calls it, “hazy and intangible, just like the wind.” Read what they have to say about it and listen to “Untitled One” here!


Each month we release a kinda reader’s digest of what everyone’s been up to. Our May one was just released! From new music and merch to tour announcements and new mixes, our monthly newsletter is sure to catch you up. Sign up here!

To us, May kinda sounds like Crumb, Bebé Machete, Glambat, Renata Zeiguer, Princess Nokia, Kevin Abstract. Way more, too. Seattle-based artist Taylor Pelella perfectly crystallizes our musical daydreaming. Stream our May Mix on Spotify here.


Glambat has announced a seven-track split with Snowpiler. The Office fans rejoice, for it is titled I Feel God In This Chili’s Tonight. It features full-band versions Glambat’s last three singles plus a new one, as well as three freshly lain Snowpiler songs. This stellar mix of shoegaze-pop and mellow experimentalism is out May 25. Pre-orders are up here. Artwork by the wonderful Anna Neville.


To offer some cosmic love on this year’s Earth Day, Mild Monk has released “Ode to Plantasia,” an environmental synth-pop composition inspired by the late Mort Garson’s Plantasia (1976). Listen here.
Born out of a meditative keyboard melody, “Ode to Plantasia” blossoms with lush, orchestral DX7 synths and a Moog synthesizer. In a collaboration with plant biologist Dan Wood and artists Bruno Perosino and Austin MacDonald, this piece aims to reflect and appreciate the gift of nature, while paying homage to Garson.
To supplement the track, stream Mild Monk’s earthy Spotify and Youtube playlists. They’ll enrich relaxation, meditation and reading.


K.I.E.” is the latest landing from Greetings’ hazy galaxy. The six-minute slipstream rides with ebbing synths, an unbounded aura and hypnotic vox by Daniel Carr, Maebe and Chad Browne-Springer. Greetings compiled a b&w camcorder collage of the last year behind the track watch it here.

bebe machete news


We are beyond thrilled to announce Bebé Machete has joined Funnybone’s roster for their next record, slated for a summer release. Details on that will come, but for now, please enjoy a brand new music for their lead single “Ghazal,” which is currently premiering at IndieCurrent.
Bebé Machete (FKA Xango/Suave) is a genderqueer Puerto Rican artist based out of Hartford, CT. Their music blends salsa, hip hop, lo-fi, and experimental rock, dealing with issues of queerness, resistance, and liberation. Bebé Machete seeks to put ancestral rhythms and modes of resistance into a contemporary experimental pop context.

kelly quigley pic


Kelly Quigley has announced her spring tour dates. Trailing along the east coast, she’ll be touring alongside outré-folk kin Stephen Alexander. Full dates on Kelly’s profile. Tour poster by Ellie Black.

The pair also just released a woozy, glitchy cover of “Fourth of July” by Sufjan Stevens, currently premiering on CT Scramble. Major thanks to Dan Osto for the writeup.

Greetings music video


Greetings have released a music video for their new track “K.I.E.” (featuring Maebe & Chad Browne-Springer). Apt of the track’s dreamlike lull, the video collages greyscale camcorder clips from the last year or so. Look into their viewfinder and be transported to a day in the life of the band.
An alternate version of “K.I.E.” will be released digitally on April 19th, serving as the first single off an upcoming collection of new material.
Currently, filmmaker Matt Meigs is campaigning to make a documentary on Greetings. Using Super 8mm, 16mm, and MiniDV, Meigs aims to capture the band’s hazy, analog essence, not far off of the new “K.I.E.” video.

april mix


Read our April Newsletter and stream our monthly mix! This month features visuals by Bridgette Burton, Taylor Pelella, RJ LaRussa, Josh Jenkins, Jordyn Beschel and music by waveform*, Bebé Machete, Pearl Sugar and Greetings.

You can sign up for our monthly mailing list here. We promise it’ll only be full of good news. Maybe the occasional dig on flat-earthers. 

waveform shooting star


We’re stoked to announce we’re collaborating with waveform* on their new record, Shooting Star, out now!

waveform* is Jarett Denner and Dan Poppa. Out of Monroe, the duo terraforms minimalist pop songs with grounded song frameworks and an unmistakable, tamed vigor that calmly tugs at the more heady inner-strings.

Glambat featured image


Glambat recently sat down with Sound Session‘s Jordyn Peschel. They discussed The Blow, comics, imposter syndrome, the millennial whoop, and plans for the next Glambat release. We can’t reveal it jussst yet, but it’s coming in April and it’s very rad. There’s a slight but definite chance it’s going to be released on HitClips. Read it here!

On April 27, Glambat’s opening for Deerhoof at The State House. Tickets on sale now.

pearl sugar cardinal bowling


Pearl Sugar has shared two new tracks, “Cardinal” and “Bowling,” that are total stunners in their own right. Blankets of velvet synths, heady bass bites, and tender lyrics delivered by Chris Bugnacki lend themselves for a cathartic listen.

Listen here and watch the “Cardinal” music video here, shot by RJ LaRussa, directed by Josh Jenkins, and featuring Anna Neville. Album artwork by Callum Abbott.

funnybone records march mix


Things aren’t feeling very springful yet, but we wanted to share some news that’s been blooming in our yard. For our March newsletter, we started tucking in monthly mixes of what we’ve been listening to lately. To us, March feels like Greetings, Y La Bamba, Solange,  Kelly Quigley, Sen Morimoto, and more. Stream it on Spotify here! Recognize the artwork? Seattle artist Taylor Pelella also worked on our February newsletter!

glambat picture


The State House just announced a royally stacked show on April 27. Glambat will be sharing the stage with experimental rock legends Deerhoof. Tickets on sale now! Listen to Glambat’s latest single “Cole Gate (Demo)” — it’s a jam to sing unapologetically loud in the shower, in the car, in the everywhere forever. Photo by Jordyn Beschel for Sound Session.

made of foibles


Samuel Sandoval has shared four new songs with woozy electronics, cozy acoustic guitar, and astute lyrics that swoop us into those longed-for days where it’s light out till like 8 pm. Download/stream it here! Samuel’s prior release was last June’s California-inspired EP Tupper.

funnybone logo 3


Subscribe here for our monthly newsletter! Stay up to date with Funnybone releases, news, merch drops, pop-ups, and tour dates. If you have a big sad because you missed our January blast, view it here. We’re looking for visuals artists to contribute designs each month, so shoot us an email if you’re down!

Pleasuremad where the tragic happens


The Auricular recently named Where The Tragic Happens one of Richmond, VA’s best records of 2018. Journalist Doug Nunnally writes, “You’ll find plenty of songs ripe for a casual listen (and casual repeat), such as the first proper track ‘Coronation’ which is, hands-down, one of the absolute best dance-rock/indie pop tracks to come out of Richmond this decade.”

pearl sugar and greetings


Chad Browne-Springer recently teamed up with Pearl Sugar for a brand new track called “Sleeves”. CT Scramble calls it a “sublime number where the two get to croon and emote of love and forgiveness with characteristic ease.” Listen here.

brandon serafino


Brandon Serafino’s debut EP Living Room drops today across the digital void. Over its 33-minute length, Brandon’s soaring vocal arrangements bounce through hazy electronic production, creating a vibrant and soulful soundtrack for millennial restlessness. His unique blend of synth pop, electronic-soul, and modern folk forms a sonic landscape molded by his world travels from London to Rio de Janeiro. Find it here, there, and everywhere!

pleasuremad where the tragic happens


Pleasuremad’s new record, Where The Tragic Happens, is out everywhere now! Glamorous and surreal, urgent and gentle, the record meditates on gender identity, the social disconnect between generations, and the struggle to find connection with other people. Listen here and read a track-by-track dissection by Pleasuremad here.

wherehouse show poster


A show! For you! Come to Wherehouse on November 17 to see four remarkable, entrancing acts: Zanders (CT), Laura Wolf (NY), Kelly Quigley (NY), and Samurai Sword (CT). Doors at 6pm, music at 7pm, $10 at the door. Respectful crowds are the best kind of crowds, let’s be real. RSVP here! Artwork by Katie Skau.

wherehouse logo


We just moved into a new HQ in Hartford! It’s within a brand new artist co-op called Wherehouse, acting as a multidisciplinary event space, recording studio, photography/videography studio, rehearsal space, and book press. We’re partnering with Blind Moose Recordings, Hartford Untitled Studios, The Dial, amazing photographers like RJ LaRussa, Denis Semenyaka, and more. Reach out to and check out our website!

bs living room album


Our good friend Brandon Serafino just announced with debut EP Living Room in collaboration with Funnybone! Soulful and vibrant, Brandon’s soaring vocal arrangements are paired with bright and misty electronic production.

Singles “Lucky Numbers”, “Quicksand”, and “Ten Below” are out now! Pre-order the record here and on your favorite streaming site.

mild monk heres to you


Friends and strangers, a new Mild Monk song has been released into the atmosphere. It’s called “Here’s To You” and it’s a grade-A heart sweller. Let it be a blanket of optimism, a blissful dedication to loved ones, and a breath of fresh air in these wack times suffocated by hatred. “Here’s To You” is available anywhere your heart desires.

Something look familiar? The album artwork is a collab between Bruno Perosino and Austin MacDonald, who also worked on the “Kindness” album art and music video.

image 2


Where the Tragic Happens, the debut record by Pleasuremad, arrives November 23rd. The eight-track record features meditations on gender identity, the social disconnect between generations, and the struggle to find connection with other people. To celebrate the surreal gluttony of Black Friday, dance with us while your uncle shoves an elderly woman aside to get the last Barbie Dreamhouse.

kelly quigley


Today we release Kelly Quigley’s new record, Have You Read My Poems, a prolific collage carefully assembled. Cursive strings curl around an Arthur Rimbaud poem. Demi Remick’s tap dancing gavels around Evan Lawrence’s heady bass lines. Kelly’s scarlet alto lilts adult lullabies. She creates such unusual musical environments from familiar locations, weaving found sounds with explorative guitar into surreal soundscapes. We feel so lucky to have crossed paths with Kelly. She is a true visionary.

Order a copy here, featuring the artwork of Sanne van der Veen. The record is also available on all platforms and points of purchase.

have you read my poems


Autumn is nigh! Time for transformative action and existential epiphanies and Nalgenes on carabiners. More pertinently, it’s time to announce a new album perfect for fall. It is called Have You Read My Poems by Kelly Quigley. We are beyond excited to introduce Kelly and her stunning folk collages to the Funnybone roster. You can pre-order the record now, which releases the 19th of October. Listen to the brand new single “Ours (Leo)”, which features Demi Remick’s tap dancing and Evan Lawrence (of Jelani Sei) on bass. If you enjoy the work of Sam Amidon, Anaïs Mitchell, Kaki King and Alexi Murdoch, you’re in for a treat.

mild monk kindness


Soundtrack your end-of-summer blues with Mild Monk’s new single, “Kindness”. Having recently moved from Connecticut to San Jose, California, frontman Henry Stein is taking a new approach to his style. Marking the end of his mobile phone productions, Stein’s latest single is a warm, acoustic dedication. Recorded at Blind Moose Studios on a Tascam 388 tape recorder, “Kindness” features Clara Huebenthal on organ, Matt Venora on trumpet and keys, and Daniel Carr on percussion. Enjoy it with some lovely visuals.

kevin human seed and event


Ever wanted to know what getting sucked into a black hole sounds like? It’s abrasive and disorienting, as expected, but there’s something kind of entrancing about forfeiting to its wraith. This is Seed & Event by Kevin Human, their latest EP. Featuring brand new material and alternate versions from Pulsar Planets, this cosmic shock of a record will send you hurling through space, past the point of no return. Seed & Event is out now, available everywhere.

funnybone internship poster


It’s intern szn. If you’re interested in working with us at our new Hartford office this fall, send us an email before 9/8 to let us know! We have couple part-time positions available Sept – Dec. We’re looking for creative minds, stellar writers, graphic designers, video editors/animators, and overall good humans. Shoot us an email if you’d like to learn more!

greetings album cover


Hello! Salutations! Hovvdy! Greetings… just put out their debut album with us, and someone PINCH us cause it sounds like a dream. Melted Magazine wrote a kind, poignant review on the record, which you can read here. They say, “The riffs in this track radiate total 1960’s experimental vibes, yet have a certain modern reverb unlike anything of the era.” Check it out. The record is available everywhere now.

chad a loves letter


In the summer of 2017, Chad Browne-Springer embarked on what he called a “couchspedition.” A nomad between six states in two months, Chad documented his experience through his photography and songwriting. But after the passing of his grandfather during his trip, Chad began a testament to his hosts, friends and loved ones: Love’s Letter.

The twelve-track album (available everywhere) sticks to Chad’s impressive ability to genre-hop around his hearth of ERB (Electronica and R&B). Featuring production work from Zvlu and Blind Moose Studios, the textural diversity of Love’s Letter proves it to be as much of a pop record as it is laden with lament and reverence. The album cover is a photograph Chad took at his grandfather’s funeral. Wearing pallbearer garb, he holds out a pink rose in front of the blurred white casket.

Love’s Letter is a candid yet meticulous testament to Chad’s physical and musical wanderlust, a tangible token of appreciation, and a reminder to live righteously. Order a physical copy here and stream the record on your preferred platform.

greetings artist pic


Greetings… is a faceless, amorphous supergroup of musicians in the buzzing Hartford, CT scene. Members from Mantis, King Bongo, SLOOF, Phat A$tronaut, and Donnie Alexzander have contributed to its expanding universe of analog psychedelia. Their debut record is a hazy dreamworld, a cosmic embrace. If you let yourself, you can lose yourself in it.

Greetings EP drops August 20th. Check out “Glory” while ya wait.

show poster


University of Hartford’s student radio station WSAM just announced a truly dope lineup for their third annual Live From The Lawn music festival. A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Crumb, Half Waif, Ehiorobo, Buck Meek, Queen Moo, Chad Browne-Springer, and more are playing. The all-day festival takes place Saturday, September 8 and is free to the public.

chad popstar


We just unveiled “¡POPSTAR!“, the latest single by Chad Browne-Springer and your newest summer dance tune. With an unrelenting rhythm and pumping bass synths, it’s the kind of track you bump nice and loud for your neighbors to hear. Check out what CT Scramble had to say about the track, which is off of Chad’s new album Love’s Letter.

funnybone show pic


As our label approaches its first year of infancy, we celebrated by hosting our first artist showcase. We partnered with the Farmington Valley Arts Center in Avon, CT to feature musicians we adore, such as Violent Mae, Pearl Sugar, Greetings, and Chad Browne-Springer. We were also treated to the poetry of Brett Maddux and trippy projections of filmmaker RJ LaRussa. It was a beautiful night and we are stoked to have more in the future. Check out videos and photos shot by Aislin Magazine here.

donnie little miss drift afloat 1600


When you release an album on Friday the 13th, it’s gotta be a grim. “Rather than taking on the intensity of a gore heavy slasher flick, it quietly burns a suburban gothic eulogy as flowers are placed on the grave of an increasingly emotionally numbing past,” writes CT Scramble. “Dark and delusional” rock group Donnie Alexzander are in full force in their latest LP Little Miss Drift Afloat. They make love sound nice and doomed, just as we like it.
You can order and download a copy here, as well as stream the record on your preferred streaming platform. Melted Magazine recently premiered Donnie Alexzander’s music video for “Jessie Lee” off LMDA, shot on a 16mm Bolex by RJ LaRussa.

garden noise - samuel sandoval


We’re honored to physically release Samuel Sandoval’s lauded debut LP Garden Noise for the first time since it came out in April of 2017. To us, it sounds like the truest onset of summer. It is meticulously crafted yet freely blows in the wind, held together by glitchy glue and potent lyrics. Samuel has seemingly grown a garden for one to explore, to notice every strange flower, to jump around like a kid, to yell as loud as you’d like. To revisit when you miss it. To notice something new each time. Garden Noise is available in eco-friendly CD packages featuring Samuel’s journal drawings. Order here.

donnie alexzander self-assured


“Self-Assured” by Donnie Alexzander is the first single off their upcoming LP Little Miss Drift Afloat out Friday, July 13th. Spooky. “Self-Assured” is a modest display of parallelism between frontman Matt Merton’s guitar and voice. As you revel in the hushed melancholy of this track, take heed that what’s still to come from Donnie Alexzander is frankly face-melting.

aislin magazine logo


Aislin Magazine is a new arts, music, fashion and culture publication. They recently released their Summer 2018 issue, which features Pearl Sugar, Mild Monk, poet Brett Maddux, visual artist Austin MacDonald, rapper Aedan Outlaw, and more. Print copies are available for sale here!
If you’re feeling generous, Aislin is currently running an Indiegogo to help fund its next issue. If you’re not at liberty to give money, please help spread the word! This magazine seriously rocks.

samuel sandoval album cover


Samuel Sandoval has been keeping busy. To follow March’s Breakfast at the Coliseum, we are thrilled to announce a new collection of songs called Tupper out on June 1st. Inspired by Los Angeles, Tupper is a whimsical odyssey of experimental folk. As antsy as meditative, these dynamic five tracks are for summer — to be sung through screened porches on buggy nights. 25 copies of the CD will be available, each copy containing a different hidden track. When you do the math, that means Tupper is actually 30 songs — songs that Samuel has been keeping preserved in figurative tupperware, as to not get dusty.

garden noise - samuel sandoval


As if that’s not enough, we are finally physically issuing Samuel’s lauded debut LP Garden Noise for the first time ever. Yeah, we’re keepin it tangible. CT Scramble once said, “These songs are at once painstaking and relaxed, and create a rewarding experience for both close and casual listening.” Nice! Featuring drawings by Samuel, the eco-friendly CD will be limited to just 50 copies. Orders will begin June 16th. Happy Bloomsday.

pleasuremad artist pic


Richmond-based artist Jack Riley set out to create the best sounding music he could while spending as little money as possible. Under the name Pleasuremad, Riley’s music walks the line between euphoria and despair — a line so central to coming of age in America today. Pleasuremad’s debut on Funnybone, The Foolish One/Misery’s Company, is available everywhere now.

mild monk orbit album cover


We just released Mild Monk’s latest offering Orbit, a spacey, mostly instrumental EP that marks the conclusion of Henry Stein’s mobile phone productions, graduating college, and moving to California. Frontman Henry Stein describes Orbit as “a series of sketches made of mostly instrumentals… that reflects a headspace and a method of catharsis during cold wintry days in New England. Swirling guitars and synthesizers build scenic daydreams of space gardens and windows to the cosmos, while drum loops drive a forward, but steady pace of orbit around themes of solitude and isolation.” Orbit is available on your favorite digital platform now. Get lost in space for a little, it feels nice.

kevin human pulsar planets


Bound by no single medium, experimental duo Kevin Human create surreal and cinematic soundscapes and equally far-out visual work. Writer Dan Osto described the album is “heavily driven by glitchy digital percussion, leaving an atmosphere of empty space for organic and synthesized textures to cut through the darkness… Some tracks skew closer to legitimate songs, others like extended interludes.” Order or download their new album Pulsar Planets today, available in a small run of hand-made CDs by Sonya Sousa.

beige on both sides


Pearl Sugar and Chad Browne-Springer were recently featured on the show Beige on Both Sides, a new comedy by Connecticut producers and filmmakers. The show is centered around self-proclaimed racially-ambiguous stand-up comedian Rob Santos. Holy hyphen. Check out “Alright” by Pearl Sugar and “Greene Eyes” by Phat A$tronaut, which will be available on the show’s upcoming season one soundtrack.

c logo


Mantis were recently featured on CTNOW. Writer Michael Hamad describes their sound as having “warmth, complexity and playfulness [that] intersect in unexpected ways, and it’s all fairly groovy, in a mid-’60s spy-movie sort of sound.” Sweet.

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