We are thrilled to release the new album La Luna Me Quema by Buenos Aires avant-pop artist Andrés Ruiz. This record marks Funnybone’s first international collaboration; we’ve had the pleasure of co-releasing with Zorro Camarón Discos (AR), Marly Records (US), Molécula Records (MX), Jit-Jot Records (AR) and Entes Anomicos (GR). 

With help from friends like CD Ghost and La Chica, Andrés stretches our spectrum of pop into the deep indigos of house music and the neon purples of techno. Until we can hit the dance clubs again, throw a solo rave in your bedroom 🙂 Pick up a copy here or stream anywhere you please.


We are so pleased to announce this year’s benefit compilation, out digitally on our anniversary, September 15th. Room for You is a 24-track outcome to Funnybone’s ongoing objective of creating spaces for artists to share their headroom in times of isolation and vulnerability, empowerment and pursuit of change. Space to confront and communicate difficult, honest feelings in hopes of better understanding ourselves and each other. Space for necessary escapism and unapologetic catharsis. Space to be together, even when we’re apart.

Our goal is to raise $5,000. Proceeds from this release will be going to our hometown heroes at Kamora’s Cultural Corner and their effort to create Brave Spaces within Hartford’s marginalized communities, as well as to the Loveland’s Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls, the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network, and between the contributing artists.

No one should be deprived of receiving help based on their socioeconomic status. No one should have to swallow their struggle out of fear of judgmental, biased reactions. We hope you can find your own peace and power through this collection of songs. You can support this project at our Bandcamp; pre-orders launch September 4th.


Blueprint” by Bebé Machete is out everywhere now!

We can’t get enough of this track, whose glitching pulse is a derealization of this surreal reality and the malicious forces that pollute its harmony. To get lost in dance… it’s more than necessary escapism; Bebé Machete posits it’s a blueprint of liberation.⁣⁣

You can stream it everywhere and purchase over on Bandcamp.


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