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Shelves We Live On

A growing list of record stores and coffee shops we love that carry Funnybone artists

Dom’s Coffee – Avon, CT
Redscroll Records – Wallingford, CT
Repo Records – Philadelphia, PA
Turn It Up Records – Northampton, MA
Story and Soil – Hartford, CT


Hello, welcome, make yourself at home. 

Funnybone Records is a community-based independent record label based in Hartford, Connecticut. It was founded by Dylan Healy in the strange summer of 2017.

Our first release was View from Inside by Figurine.

Biologically speaking, we’re still a toddler. Our sound is expanding. We’d like for it to be boundless. Currently, we have the pleasure of working with Bebé Machete, Chad Browne-Springer, Donnie Alexzander, Eddie Jowels, Figurine, Glambat, Greetings, Joann Fabrix, Kelly Quigley, King Bongo, Laura Wolf, Mild Monk, Namesake, Pleasuremad, Samuel Sandoval, waveform* and Zanders. 

Past collaborators have included Brandon Serafino, Kevin Human, Low Ceilings, Mantis and Pearl Sugar. That’s all in alphabetical order; we don’t play favorites. We do, however, require our artists be stellar humans. No funny business.

Our primary goal is to be a platform to support and advance the careers of our artists and collaborators. This is done through parallel growth and unparalleled passion. We believe in the power of community, sharing resources and skills, and connecting artists across disciplines. We believe in honoring one’s local roots as a jumping point to blooming beyond. 

We assist in manufacturing, distribution, publicity, even some booking. We invite you into houses for intimate shows, partner with Wherehouse and Farmington Valley Arts Center for artist showcases, and collab with Live from the Lawn music festival. We live in a handful of record shops. 

We’ve noticed many labels’ bios are really cheeky, borderline smug. Send any comments, ask us any questions, or accuse us of coming off a certain way on our formspring. Or just email us.

A digital high-five goes out to Ben Goldberg of BaDaBing! Records. You taught Dylan everything there is to know about doing business and buying the right snacks.

Take care and thank you for reading.

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