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Shelves We Live On

A growing list of record stores and coffee shops we love that carry Funnybone artists

Dom’s Coffee – Avon, CT
Redscroll Records – Wallingford, CT
Repo Records – Philadelphia, PA
Turn It Up Records – Northampton, MA
Story and Soil – Hartford, CT
Needle to the Groove – San Jose, CA


Hello, welcome, you have found yourself on our info page, likely seeking more info on this thing. 

Funnybone Records is a community-based independent record label out of Hartford, Connecticut. It was founded by Dylan Healy in the strange summer of 2017. With the help of friends and collaborators, we’ve released a catalogue of music that makes our heads spin and hearts full.

Our first release was View from Inside by Figurine.

Our primary goal is to be a platform to support and advance the careers of our artists and collaborators. This is done through parallel growth and unparalleled passion. We believe in the power of community, sharing resources and skills, and connecting artists across disciplines. We believe in honoring one’s local roots as a jumping point to blooming beyond. 

We assist artists in manufacturing, distribution, publicity, promotion, and booking, too. Our catalogue leans on the more experimental fringes of genre and comes from all over the world. We live in some of our favorite record shops and coffee spots in the US. 

We love to host house shows, book national-touring and local artists through venues like Wherehouse, and we sponsor WSAM Radio’s annual Live from the Lawn music festival (which Dylan co-founded in 2016).

In 2020, we expanded our release model and began hosting the (Don’t) Get to the Gig livestream series to raise funds for the educational nonprofit First Book right as quarantining began. We’ve released benefit compilations like Room for You and Running from the Dark to bring together artists around the world and support nonprofits like Kamora’s Cultural Corner, the National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network, the Loveland Foundation’s Therapy Fund, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and more. We run an everchanging mix called Funnybone FM, where we highlight what we’re currently bumping and invite guest curators to do the same.

Our platform is a privilege that we are grateful to have built and developed with you these past three years. It’s a daily commitment to use it consciously to support the artists and communities that enable and inspire us. You can expect nothing less.

Take care and thanks for reading.

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