Jarett Denner and Dan Poppa have been playing as waveform* since 2017 out of Monroe, CT.

The duo terraforms minimalist pop songs with grounded song frameworks and an unmistakable, tamed vigor that calmly tugs at the more heady inner-strings.

They self-released fishing songs and drawing in 2017 and library in 2018. Compared to 2018’s warm, acoustic-forward library that landed waveform* on many’s radar, Shooting Star maintains a woodsy soft-rock palette, but with greater composite and farther perimeters.



Interview with Sabrina Cofer: Waveform* Find Balance on Shooting Star

waveform* on Mental Health Comp – CT Verses

On Repeat: Review by CT Scramble:
“Like their earlier work, the songs on Shooting Star channel 90s revivalist indie rock for the Bandcamp generation. Standouts like ‘Honey’ and ‘Hazel’ dabble in dreamy slowcore, grungy distortion, and emotive intonations reminiscent of the perpetually rainy-day material coming out of the Pacific Northwest in the latter half of the 90s. A significant growth in all faucets of musical appeals, the rotation of songwriting duties between both artists allow for an interesting blend of simultaneous convergence and divergence in emotional and dynamic subtleties.” – Dan Osto 

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