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Pearl Sugar is the synth-pop project of Hartford, Connecticut musician Chris Bugnacki. Bugnacki has spent the last decade of his life developing their craft and performing with other artists, and now since 2016 has been hard at work writing, recording and performing as Pearl Sugar.

In their writing, Bugnacki delves deep into childhood memories and dreams to present lyrics that blur the distinction between dreamworld and reality. The stories in these songs are nothing short of cinematic, and the heavy use of synths and drum machines serve as the perfect score for their revelations.

The textures and instrumentation Bugnacki employs will undoubtedly bring 80s dance and house music to mind as well as the driving, melodic bounce of artist like Porches and Blood Orange, yet these comparisons fail to scratch the surface of his unique arrangements and earnest lyricism.

In the fall of 2017 Pearl Sugar embarked on their first US tour and released their debut Alright EP, marking their one-off collaboration with Funnybone Records. Since then, they’ve independently released a soul-nourishing and steady output of singles, EPs and albums. An extension of their boundless creativity is good luck mini, a multidisciplinary collaborative project of books, music, artwork and more. 



“Scarlet” Premiere on Gorilla Vs. Bear
“…a swaying, instantly nostalgic ballad that could have soundtracked all of the ’80s proms and teen heartbreak montages if not for its darkly acerbic lyrics.”

Four-page music and fashion spread in Aislin Magazine

 Now Streaming: Alright EP – CT Scramble

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