Laura Wolf


Cellist Laura Wolf uses live looping, samples and effects to weave a penetrating world of sound. Having dabbled in classical, ambient, and rock ensembles, her solo project is a playful tribute to her diverse musical roots, deemed “beautifully immersive” and “distinctly enchanting” by Gold Flake Paint.

Her live loop-based performances bridge spacious experimentalism with pop-driven hooks creating a cello saturated dream-pop that is entirely her own. A visual as much as an auditory experience, Wolf dances around her effect pedals at once bowing or plucking her cello, only to hit her drum pads and sampler in barely a moments notice.  Laura’s acrobatic and pure soprano is the constant that drifts over the glitchy and wavelike orchestration, and physical meditative movement. 



“Centred around her cello, which drifts, at will, between a soft lilt and piercing strikes, and further imbued with beautifully immersive layering and creaking percussive knocks, ‘Body Part’ …channels in to something distinctly enchanting in its own right.”

Gold Flake Paint

“Laura Wolf creates dreamy, cello driven indie pop music with an experimental edge. Decorated with gorgeous sampled string arrangements, digital percussion, and heavily effected vocals, the song resonates both sonically and emotionally. The wall of sound melodic elements generate elemental, near post-rock like feels.”

CT Scramble

“Laura Wolf is a wizard. Or at least I think she is. Science has not, as far as I know, been able to describe the methods she uses to weave together cello, drum loops, and beautiful vocals into these lighter-than-air avant-garde pop songs.”

CT Verses

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