Songwriter and guitarist, Kelly Quigley, is a queer artist based in Queens, NY. Their writing is often a stream of consciousness both musically and lyrically, with the use of alternate tunings to strip away the familiarity of a single standard tuning. The different tunings are a source of inspiration, and inform the writing through different emotional spaces and intuitive feelings. 

Kelly’s rhythmic sense naturally takes the music to different landscapes with mixed meters and shifting tempos. The unique structures are solidified by Kelly’s musical partner, percussionist Angel Lau, who brings thoughtful feeling and depth to the music. He adapts to the subtle changes in each song with tasteful rhythmic choices, and ranges from loose atmospheric sounds to tight grooves. 

The rawness of their musical connection invites listeners to explore their own angsts through these songs that leave themselves so tender and exposed. 

Photo by Kevin Aranibar-Molina



Premiere for “Fourth of July” video and tour announcement

Kelly plays new songs for Sauna Sessions

On Repeat: CT Scramble feature on Have You Read My Poems
“… a subdued but crisp energy”

On Repeat: CT Scramble feature on “Ours (Leo)”
Have You Read My Poems is wonderfully autumnal record that is a testament of Quigley’s talent as both a singer-songwriter and a sonic orchestrator….Quigley is a formidable acoustic guitarist and vocalist whose breathy melancholy has full control over the crisp tone of these multi-parted compositions.”

Emerging Indie Artists feature on “Ours (Leo)”
“…excoriating tenderness, which draws tears from the eyes through its lamenting journey in which the listener is invited to explore their own angsts.”

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