Human Yo-Yo (fka Samuel Sandoval) is an endlessly imaginative singer/songwriter who was born in San Jose, California and raised in Meriden, Connecticut. Sandoval’s interest in the arts was fueled by his mother’s love of history and words, as well as his sisters’ eclectic taste in pop culture, but everything has always led to music. Since the age of twelve, he has made it something of a mission to meld all of his interests into songs with the intention of making music as he hears it in the natural world.

Human Yo-Yo writes experimental folk songs that are backed by humble electronics, scattered drums, and anxious melodies. With this established sound, he fills in the gaps with lyrics that explore poetry and conversation, inspired by personal experiences and a love of literature.

He has released two dynamic EPs: Lunch Time at the Mausoleum (2017) and Breakfast at the Coliseum (2018), as well as the meditative Garden Noise LP (2017), all of which were self-produced at home. Alongside a first physical pressing of Garden Noise with Funnybone Records, Human Yo-Yo released his California-inspired EP Tupper in June of 2017. 

After the foreshadowing four-track Made of Foibles EP was released, Sandoval unleashed Current Pretender, a treasure trove of 21 tracks, most of which were intended to be bonus tracks to 2018’s Tupper EP. You can download Current Pretender here and stream wherever you frequent. The Deli Magazine called the record “a sonic stained-glass window into the colorful mind of a young man wrestling and dancing with existentialism.” 

Human Yo-Yo now lives in Los Angeles, California and is currently working on his sophomore LP. His latest release is the first volume of his upcoming Graffiti Songs anthology

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