figurine Photo by Jonathan Zonenshine
Photo by Jonathan Zonenshine


Ashly LaRosa goes by the alias Figurine. She’s yet another artist who discusses sex and jealousy and all those sad, dark, deep-rooted things, often blurring the line between introspective sentimental realist and attention-seeking middle schooler. Instead of pragmatism and confidence, Figurine’s power lies in unbridled vulnerability. Her first album, View From Inside, was released in September 2017, and features nine wintery tracks of pure, unapologetically selfish bullshit. Her latest album, Worthy, arrived in April 2021 and brings springtime in a bottle. Proficient in Microsoft Word and pillow talk, Figurine feels less lonely when she spills her guts to all of you. She’s kind of like when you’re at a fast food restaurant and the soda machine glitches and the soda spits out continuously and you can’t get it to stop.

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